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jasmine tindell
marketing committee
volunteer since 2015

Hello, my name is Jasmine and I’m a cat addict! I’ve loved cats since I was 10 years old and found my feline soulmate. I wanted to volunteer with Good Mews for years. My chance came when I left my old job and finally had time to dedicate to the shelter. I love working on the Clean & Feed team. It gives me a chance to meet all of the cats and learn their names. I love all of the cats I help care for but I won’t lie – I have my favorites. (Looking at you, Rinnah!) I also give my time to the marketing committee, for which I help organize events and create promotional videos to support the shelter. I drive the committee nuts by coming into every meeting talking about how I want to take home yet another of our newest cats. My favorite thing about the shelter, however, is the other volunteers. It’s so awesome to see so many people coming together to gives the cats the care and attention they need until they find their new family. I often tell people that Good Mews is my happy place. It gives me great pride to work with an organization that is so dedicated to improving the lives of so many cats. Sometimes it’s difficult when we lose one of my favorites, but it’s so worth it to see so many others going to their forever homes.

Jasmine, we are honored that you choose to give your time to Good Mews. On behalf of the kitties (especially Merlin) we thank you!

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