volunteer spotlight

jeannie kostiuk
kitty cab committee
10 year volunteer

“I’ve always had cats and volunteering at Good Mews was a great way to have more! Right now I only have Smokers, a long-haired, smoky grey, storm cloud of a kitty. I’ll build my number up in due time. I’ve never had to go find a kitty – they always find me. And I can always visit the kitties at GM!”

Jeannie has always been on Kitty Cab. It fits in perfectly with the time she spends volunteering at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. She’s a very reliable Kitty Cabber. Even with Good Mews providing more medical care in-house, she’s always willing to lend a hand (sometimes multiple trips in one day!) to give the kitties a ride to other vets when needed.

“I gained my own clowder a few years back. When Olde Towne Racquet Club changed ownership they were going to call animal control on the many ferals residing there. With the help of Dr. Merck, we were able to spay, neuter and find homes for many of the kitties. And that’s how I ended up being momkat13 online!”

Jeannie has lived a well-rounded life. She’s done everything from working at a children’s zoo, teaching elementary school, and pet sitting, to being a belly dancer and singer!

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