volunteer spotlight

kristy young
marketing & communications committee
4 year volunteer

Kristy became involved with Good Mews in the spring of 2015. She was a longtime fan of the organization, knew a few volunteers, and was also going through some hardships in her life at the time. She has found that furry companions are the best bet for cheering up, so she knew the Good Mews kitties would do the trick! At the heart of her love for Good Mews is our mission and the fact that Good Mews kitties are for life. And at the heart of her love for animals, she holds a special place for a particular cat with whom she grew up, Jamie. She says, “Jamie taught me a deep love and passion for cats. Earning their affection and company is a true gift.”

Currently, Kristy serves on the Marketing & Communications Committee, where she manages the organization’s Instagram account. She has been a huge asset in this area, as when she assumed responsibility for the account, there were less than 200 followers and today, it sits at more than 1800!

Kristy also devotes her career to the nonprofit world, where she is a Project Manager for the American Cancer Society. In her spare time, she likes to read and currently, she and her husband, David, are enjoying preparing for their first child, due in August.

Thanks to Kristy for being such a dedicated and loyal volunteer. Good Mews and the kitties appreciate the extra exposure on social media thanks to her efforts!

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