volunteer spotlight

ruth chitwood
events committee
volunteer since 2018

“I have been visiting Good Mews for almost a decade. When my children were young, we loved coming to spend time with all of the Good Mews cats. We had a wonderful cat of our own who was with us for 17 years,” says Chitwood.

“Now that I have an empty nest, I signed up to be a volunteer at Good Mews last fall. Most of my volunteer time has been spent working the Spring Market. I was always impressed with how the market was so well organized and all of the contributions that were received. All of the volunteers really care and love the cats! It’s such a well organized shelter.”

Volunteers like Ruth are the ones who keep our shelter organized and our kitties so loved! Interested in volunteering at our events or for our many other volunteer opportunities? Head to www.GoodMews.org to learn more!

Thank you, Ruth, for helping Good Mews by keeping our events organized and fully staffed!

Each month, one of our volunteers will be honored with a spotlight
posted in the shelter, Mews News and our website.

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