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katherine akin
clean & feed committee
volunteer since 2000

I was one of those people who show up at the front door with a kitten. This was 2000 when Good Mews was still at the Sand Town location. Of course, they explained the policy and the black kitten was put on the waiting list. But by the time we were called, he was our baby, Little Man! The shelter staff was so (nice) that I decided to start volunteering.

I was working for a vet at the time, so my first duty was helping with meds. But throughout the years I’ve volunteered at festivals, helped with Christmas gift wrapping, and acted the flea market manager.

For about 10 years now, I’ve been helping with the Clean & Feed committee. I volunteer bi-monthly on the Thursday morning shift working in the isolation room. I’ve taken on the role as one of the chairs of the committee, in charge of the training program.

I love working at Good Mews because the other volunteers are so enthusiastic and we have such an impact on the lives of the kitties. Doing special events allows me to introduce the shelter to a new audience. And in the training classes, I enjoy speaking with volunteers I’ve never had the chance to meet before.

My husband and I have adopted three Good Mews cats over the years. We actually fostered the first HALO cat, Lollipop. Currently we have seven cats, ages nine to fifteen. And I’m always on the lookout for more!

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