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leslie cooper
volunteer recruitment & recognition committee
volunteer since 2013

Leslie became a Good Mews volunteer after her first visit to the shelter in July 2013. She had lost two kitties to illness, and was looking to adopt a friend for her cat Sam. Soon after, she started coming to brush and play with the cats after work. One day, a volunteer approached her about being a Kitty Buddy.

“Working with the cats who might be struggling with shelter life… feeling angry, sad, or depressed. I wanted to help them have a better quality of life and a better chance at being adopted.”

Leslie became the Kitty Buddy committee’s co-chair in 2017. But being a serial volunteer, she’s helped out with just about every committee at Good Mews!

Coming from a family of animal lovers, Leslie has always had cats and other animals. “Beginning with my parents’ cat who climbed into my playpen and let me gnaw his tail when I was teething! I have been very fortunate to have loved and been loved by some extraordinary felines.”

Leslie is completing her 30th year of being a language arts teacher for the Cobb County School District. From reading and watching movies, to working out and playing piano, she always keeps busy. She also enjoys meeting new people, which is another reason she loves volunteering at Good Mews.

“I tell people that a Good Mews visit is my happy hour, one where I don’t spend any money and I’m safe to drive home no matter how long I stay. Being with the cats and helping to care for them is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.”

Leslie is an integral member of the Volunteer Committee. She’s always willing to help with orientation, making attendees feel welcome. Her outgoing, friendly, and positive personality is an asset.

Leslie has an unparalleled knowledge, love, and commitment for the cats and we appreciate her greatly!

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