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Jan with Jackson Galaxy

jan mcelhannon
kitty buddy committee
volunteer since 2014

“My goal is to be always one cat away from a crazy cat lady,” claims Jan McElhannon. Jan and her husband call their clowder of rescued cats the Mac Pack. “They all found their way to us,” she says. Their oldest is 13-year-old Pumpkin, a medium-haired tortoiseshell with a “bit of tortie-tude.” The baby of the bunch is 19-month-old Braveheart, who was actually born via an emergency C-section.

A lifelong Atlantan, Jan grew up with animals and got her first cat when she was five. She officially retired in September 2015 from her position as an accounts payable clerk. Now she has more time for her hobbies, which include beading and reading. Fortunately, she also has more time to devote to Good Mews, where she wears many different hats. Her committees and activities include Volunteer Orientation, Kitty Buddy, Holiday Markets, Meowiday Gift Markets, and Special Events.

“Behind the scenes” is how Jan prefers to work. She says, “I’ve enjoyed whatever small part I play in helping Good Mews achieve the goal of finding good homes for good kitties.” It’s safe to say that the Good Mews cats and other volunteers appreciate her part in that as well. Thanks for all you do, Jan!

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