I adopted Sunshine, whom I renamed Daisy, about a month ago.

While still small, she has gained some weight back – and she is as sweet as ever! She loves to cuddle and especially loves laying on my chest. Her purr motor is very loud! Every morning around 7 I am awakened by purring and a gentle paw to the face for some early cuddles. Daisy is also a professional “biscuit maker.”

She kneads while¬†cuddling with a human or on a cozy blanket, and she even has the funny habit of kneading the air with one paw while sitting by herself. Playing is also a favorite pastime for Daisy. She frequently zooms around the house and has a stockpile of mice and balls. She also is a fan of chasing the laser pointer. I’m so glad I adopted my sweet kitty; thank you Good Mews!

Thanks so much,