I wanted to send you an update on Savannah (now Drizzle/Driz/Drizzy Muffin). My husband and I came to Good Mews last November to play with the cats. We had no intention of adopting since we already had two cats and were moving into a small apartment in Atlanta, but then Grant walked by Driz who was sleeping in a cat tree and she instantly starting purring. We fell in love and brought her home that night. She is SO wonderful. She is the definition of a lap cat. She loves to snuggle on our chests any time we are sitting or laying down. She hops up on our laps during dinner and she sleeps between us every night. She also loves to eat wet food, dry food, treats… and especially cheese… Whenever we open any sort of plastic packaging, she is instantly by our side begging for what she thinks is some cheddar cheese. When we are not home, Driz likes to sit on one of our three cat trees and watch the birds and excitement happening outside. We can leave in the morning and when we get back hours later, she will still be sitting in the same spot. Like I said, she’s a lounger. Since she is way older than our other two cats, she mostly just tolerates them, but we have had numerous moments where we all share the couch while watching a movie or when we all share the bed to get a good night of shut eye. We love our little family and are so so so happy we came to Good Mews and adopted our Drizzy Muffin (Savannah). Thank you for all that you do! We love Good Mews!!!!