I just wanted to share with you all some pics  of Ramen (whom I adopted from Good Mews) and his little brother Rory whom I adopted from a friend.
Rory, who had lived outdoors for a while, and was “rejected” by one of  the cats in his former residence, was a little skeptical about sharing his new place with another cat.  However, Ramen is just a little charmer, and it took very little time for Rory to decide this new kid on the block was pretty cool.  Ramen, being the older brother, would make the first move and lay down beside Rory for a nap.  I took it as a good sign that Rory didn’t act offended by the company.  After a few days I saw them laying in the chair and grooming each other, and I knew they had chosen to be brothers instead of just neighbors.  Now they chase each other around the house, wrestle, and cuddle with each other and with me.
They are filled with playful curiosity and sooo much energy!  They enjoy their catnip toys and scratching posts, but love the toys they discover on their own (like milk jug rings and interesting leaves and crinkly plastic).
 Thanks for taking good care of Ramen until he could join our family.
 Lee, Rory and Ramen