I’m writing to to you regarding the happy ending I have with Miss Ping Pong, who I adopted in February 2017. And I’m keeping that name, by the way. Attached are a few pictures of Ping Pong and my other Good Mews kitty, I adopted in 2013.

The reasoning for my visit to Good Mews, was a sad one. My beloved black kitty, Lily, of 12 years, had suddenly passed away from congestive heart failure. When I was ready to open my heart to a new kitty, I wanted it to be a tortoiseshell cat. I think they are so beautiful and I was curious as to what this “tortie-tude” was all about. I know you’re supposed to let the cat choose you, but I chose Ping Pong because she was the only tortie cat available for adoption that day.

I had adopted another Good Mews kitty back in 2013 (Jean-Gray now since renamed Captain Caveman aka Cavey), and introduction of Cavey into the household was easy-peasy. With Ping Pong, it was a bit more of a challenge. I greatly appreciate all of the guidance from the very helpful Good Mews staff! It wasn’t so much that Cavey and Ping Pong weren’t getting along, but that Ping Pong was so scared.

After spending a good week, quarantined in a bathroom, Ping Pong seemed ready to explore the rest of my house. But as soon as she was out, she was terrified of so much space. Also, I wasn’t quite ready for Cavey and Ping Pong to have unsupervised time together. Ping Pong then spent the next 6 weeks in my office / craft room, with a more gradual introduction to the house. I had even crafted this crazy DIY gate from zip ties and wire shelving. But eventually, Cavey figured out how to open my gate and let Ping Pong out. Initially, Ping Pong spent most of her time in the basement, which I was afraid of. But some chicken baby food (her favorite!) helped Ping Pong come out of hiding, and realize that some nice people live here, and don’t mean her any harm.

Ping Pong is still quite the scaredy cat. She runs and hides, whenever I have guests over. But that’s OK. She does get a bit braver each week, and has even become quite playful. Ping Pong loves playing with little toy mice. It’s slow progress but I’ll take it. Even her sassy tortie personality is starting to show a bit, she’ll meow at me when she wants pets, but sometimes just one pet is enough. And wet food is her favorite treat. I’m also pleased that she and Cavey get along quite well. I wake up many mornings, with both of them snuggling by my side.