operation: complete the suite

Fundraising Goal – $500,000
TOTAL AS OF 11/25/18 – $490,000

To help us complete the suite, please click the “donate now” button and select Building Fund as the donation type. Thank you for your support and helping us complete the suite!

One of the goals when we moved into our free-standing facility was to eventually open a surgical suite. Now that we have been in the building for two years, we are making Phase 2 of our dream come true: Building out and equipping the Misty Williamson Surgical Suite. We have already raised over $300,000 towards the surgical suite…we need YOUR HELP to raise the rest of the funds.

The surgical suite will be outfitted in phases:

Phase 1: Ability to perform on site spay-neuters for Good Mews cats

Phase 2: Ability to perform low cost spay-neuters for other rescue groups

Phase 3: Ability to perform dental exams and cleanings for Good Mews cats (Stage 3-A is the ability to perform complex dental cleanings, including extractions)

Phase 4: Ability to perform low cost spay-neuters for the public

The goal for this campaign is $500,000. We were able to get off to a great start with a $150,000 donation—and the Fisher family, provider of the donation, has challenged us to raise $2 “fur” $1 match of their donation. The $500,000 will allow us to complete the entire room construction, and start purchasing equipment. As we raise more money, we will continue to purchase the equipment and supplies for each stage. While we will be using a contract veterinarian as we start procedures in the suite, any amount not needed for construction/supply costs will be put into reserve. This will allow us to hire a full-time veterinarian and vet-tech when we are ready to start performing low-cost spay-neuters for the community.

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