I got Luna (formally Omelette) a little over a month ago. It was quite the adventure because the day after adopting her, we drove up together to DC where I live. Luna did so well on the 9 hour drive- she is a very adventurous kitty! But she was glad when we arrived to our new home.
Luna loves waking me up in the morning and will butt her head up against mine to let me know it’s time to get up! She’s also quite a talker and greets me with lots of meows when I come home after work. Luna needs to be in the same room where I am at all times so when I’m in the kitchen, she’ll climb to the top of the cupboards to watch. When I am watching TV, she’ll sit on the TV stand. She also has a funny personality, sometimes running sporadically around my apartment. Most of all, she’s very affectionate which is exactly what I was looking for when I adopted her.
Luna is a wonderful companion and I can’t wait for the many years ahead of us!