We adopted Mozzarella now called Mozzie or Momma in October of this year. It has been a slow process as she is quite shy. We had to stuff the under side of our couch with blankets cause she would stay there all the time and we couldn’t tell if she was eating or not. With some ingenuity we closed off not safe hiding places and got safer more cozy hiding places. She comes out at mealtimes with the sweetest soft meow and eats next to her kids. The kittens Anchovy and Pepperoni want to play but Mozzie still doesn’t see it as playing. She adores my husband and will come out to him for pets and rubs. When I am eating she comes to me to see what I got and will gladly eat a taste of what I have from my hand! Toys are a new thing for her and it’s extremely funny to watch her play with toys, its spastic and uncoordinated.  Since we got her we have more of the neighbors cats hanging out on our porch and they look at each other from the window. She is a sweet girl and we are so happy to have her and love the progress she has made in 2 months!