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Her name is Hannah Shaw, but many animal lovers in the social media community know her by a different name: Kitten Lady.

Though she’s been involved in neonatal kitten rescue for more than a decade, Kitten Lady’s true rise to fame came with the growth of social media in recent years. Her bright blonde hair and vividly colored tattooed skin cut a pretty unforgettable figure, but add in kittens and we are absolutely hooked.

Her Instagram feed is filled with adorable photos of her quirky foster kittens and videos of teeny fluff balls being bottle fed at all hours of the night. Her YouTube page features a more detailed look into the life of an animal lover following her true calling. Here you can find videos with in-depth kitten care information and tips, as well as videos about her more challenging foster cases. Fostering baby kittens is a difficult task on it’s own, and Shaw takes in many tougher foster cases that require extra TLC.

Chloe and Badger are notable fan favorites who had to overcome seemingly impossible odds. Chloe, a paralyzed orange tabby, wasn’t able to move her back legs because of a back injury and needed her bladder to be manually expressed. She was given every opportunity to explore, using yoga mats on the floor for her to scoot around on, custom-built wheelchair legs and acupuncture and cold laser treatments.

Badger, a handsome tuxedo kitten who was born prematurely and found cold and lifeless, had megaesophagus on top of a handful of additional health issues. An enlarged esophagus meant he would regurgitate meals and risked aspiration at mealtimes. Badger needed to eat at an upright angle and be held upright after eating. After much careful treatment, Badger grew to be a healthy adult and fully outgrew his condition!

As if fostering doesn’t keep her busy enough, Shaw also travels the country giving educational lectures on how to care for these vulnerable babies. While cats can be taken in by shelters with relative ease, neonatal kittens are a much different story. Many small kittens who enter the shelter system are sadly euthanized because shelters simply don’t have the staff or resources for kittens who need round-the-clock bottle feeding and care. The talks that Shaw gives are aimed at inspiring the public to foster for shelters and rescues, as well as giving them basic care tips for getting started. The hope is that the more the public steps forward to foster, the more tiny lives we can save.

Hannah Shaw will be visiting Marietta for an educational lecture and signing of her new book Tiny but Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Good Mews. Be sure to grab your ticket for your chance to meet this woman who has dedicated her life to the saving of others!

Contributed by: Ashe Johnson

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