My name is Tyler and my fiancee, Theresa, and I adopted Lucy last August, since renamed to Slinky because of the way she slinks around the apartment. When we came to Mews to look at cats, I already had a couple in mind from ones we had seen on the website. However, when I found Slinky I knew she was the one. Hidden away in one of the cat trees, as soon as I offered my hand she was nothing but love.
We were warned she would be shy, hard to believe with how much she wanted pet and loved on, but when we brought her home she was pretty timid. She immediately took to a low chair in the corner and so we rearranged food and litter box to be right next to her. Over the next couple of days, curiosity overwhelmed her and she began to explore. She still wasn’t sure what to think about us, however.
Eventually she learned we were the ones providing the food, and we didn’t bite. She would do drive-bys in front of the couch for a few quick pets before shying away again. She would come by the couch, still too scared to jump up, and just stare at me until I would pet her. Eventually she found the courage to climb the front half of her body on the couch so she could be closer to pets and really put her neck into it.

It took a little time, although still quicker than we expected, but she has found comfort in her new place. Quick movements and loud noises (UPS man, I’m looking at you) still make her run to her corner chair, but other than that, the apartment is her Queendom. She enjoys meowing at the top of her lungs at 6 am to make sure we get up on time to feed her, and of course once she’s had her food and made sure there’s no chance we’ll fall back asleep, she takes a 2 hour nap. She is fascinated by our bearded dragon, Rex, even though she pretends to not be interested when he comes out to play. We have two pet tarantulas, and when they’re around she likes to check them out, too.

She loves nature. From lizards to spiders, she likes watching other creatures explore the world. She spends hours watching the squirrels climb the tree right next to her favorite window, and we found out she even loves TV when we play Planet Earth documentaries. She will sit still 2 feet from the TV and watching the birds and monkeys for an entire episode, so now sometimes I’ll move her cat perch in front of the TV so she can lay down and enjoy the macaws.

She’s such a loving gal, and we’re thrilled to have had her become a part of our life. We couldn’t be more grateful to Good Mews for the amazing work they do. Thank you for everything!

T & T & Slinky