We adopted Hawkins (now Oreo Hawkins O’Toole) on St. Patrick’s Day and we were very lucky. We had originally come in to see another cat but once Oreo caught sight of us he was determined we wouldn’t leave without him. He acclimated himself quickly leading us on a parade through the house right after we opened the carrier and it didn’t take him long to train us. He has a huge repotiore of grumbles and meows he uses to talk to us. He’s pretty funny. He loves to play and he’ll carry his feather stick up to you to get your attention. He’s also not shy about letting you know when he wants to eat. He likes his breakfast right at 6:15am. You’d think he could actually tell time. He also always knows how to find the best seat in the house. Oreo is also quite affectionate and loves belly rubs. The only issue we’ve really had is getting him adjusted to being an indoor cat, which is particularly difficult given the amount of wildlife in our backyard. But he adapted to the harness quickly (he’s already been on his first shopping trip) and he’s starting to get that he doesn’t get to run free, even if he gives us dirty looks because he thinks we are horrible hunters. We could not have asked for a better kitty. We really appreciate all the volunteers at Good Mews for the work they do and their follow-up. We particularly would like to thank Chris, who handle our adoption and did one of our follow-up calls. He was really helpful, caring, and gave us a lot of great advice.

Thank you again!!!!
The Rao Family