Hello Good Mews Family!

We brought Emerson home on September 24. That was exactly 11 months since we lost our “old man” kitty, Jake, who was my constant snuggle buddy. I have to say, Emerson (who we renamed Binx) is absolutely Jake’s legacy. He is just a love. There are no strangers in our house, just more people to adore him! He loves to play, with everything from catnip mousies to ribbons to toes (to my consternation…ouch)! He also adores cuddles, and just constantly has to be near us or touching us. He loves to sit at my feet while I’m getting ready at the bathroom mirror in the morning.

You may not have known it while he was at Good Mews, but he’s also quite a talker…from “hi, I’m happy to see you” chirps, to “I love my head and belly rubbed” purrs, to, “ooh, is that my breakfast” meows. In short, he has made himself right at home, and we are thrilled to have him part of the family.

Though his older sister Isabelle still has a few reservations about him (she is SUCH a princess and he is a bit rambunctious for her more reserved personality), I have no doubt that they will become friends very soon.

I’m attaching a few pictures of Binx settling in around his new home.

Becky and Wade Finch