My name is Jenny and we adopted 2 Maine Coons Daphne and Zoe last year from Good Mews. I wanted to include our happy tails. We had been searching for a Maine Coon to adopt for several months and were so excited when we ran across Zoe and even better she came as a pair with Daphne. We brought them home and after a few weeks they acclimated very well and now are Queens of the house. Daphne quickly chose me as hers and follows me all over the house . She sleeps next to me at night and even hangs out in the kitchen window when I’m doing dishes so she can be close by. She is also the biggest lap baby and likes to groom you when she is curled up in your lap . Zoe is my coffee buddy she gets in my lap every morning while I am having my coffee and hangs out there until I’m finished but she really loves my husband and waits by the door every afternoon for him to get home from work and you can often find her in his lap or stretched out next to him on the bed. They also love our girls (5 and 10) and often spend time hanging out with them during the day or napping on their beds. Zoe has turned into my oldest daughters study partner and sits next to her while she does her lessons . They have been a true joy to have in our home and have enriched the lives of my entire family. We are so grateful that we discovered them and Good Mews.
Thank you so much for all you do!