This is an update on Clementine (now Callie) who has been here a month now. She is fabulous! Though she spent a lot of time under the bed at first, she is now in charge of the house. By the rules of Callie, the blinds on the second floor have to be open by 8am and the window too. She wacks the closed blind 6 short times one after the other if I forget. She does not “tap” the blind, she wacks it hard. She purrs when she is petted. She has a strange habit of thoroughly cleaning her paws while in the litter box. She rubs each paw against the side of the box 6 to 8 times before getting out of the box. She never gets litter on the floor when leaving the box. I have never seen a cat do that before.
Callie likes to be followed and will keep coming back to make sure you do. She races away and then comes back and does it again until you follow her. She loves to hide usually in a place she discovered playing the night before. Under the flap of a chair with her fluffy tail hanging out. It is great fun for her! And a joy for me!
Thank you for filling my house with this precious little creature! She has quite the personality!