BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown/White
GENDER: Female
DOB: 05/2008
I am available for adoption
about me

Poor Zoe just can’t seem to catch a break! Our heart breaks for this fantastic cat; all she wants is a forever family and nobody has been able to give that to her. She’s social, outgoing and super loving, so why can’t she find someone to give her what she deserves?

Zoe and another kitten were adopted from Good Mews in 2008. She lived a happy life for 5 years, and then the family moved into a new house. Zoe had a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings and the stress caused her to lash out and beat up on the other cat she was adopted with. The family tried to resolve the issue, but were unable to, so they returned Zoe back to Good Mews. Because of Zoe’s spunky personality, she was quickly adopted again. Unfortunately, the home had children and it was a too loud of an environment for Zoe and she became stressed again and started having litter box issues. So Zoe was returned again.

Zoe started to adjust to shelter life and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. She liked to cause mischief and learned how to open doors on her own. When staff would arrive in the morning, the kitten room door would be open, kittens running all over the shelter. Cats would be hanging out in the staff offices and in the kitchen. And Zoe would just sit back and watch the staffs’ reaction and giggle.

When Zoe wasn’t getting into mischief, she would often help the staff with their admin duties. She would sit beside them in their chair, supervising. She loved to help out but what she really loved the most was being around her favorite people. As long as she could sit close to them, she was happy.

After a couple of years at Good Mews a nice couple came in to adopt. They met Zoe and loved her independent personality and felt she was the one. Zoe did great in her home for 3 years; she was spoiled rotten. She had her favorite sleeping spots and would have a daily grooming session that made her feel so special and loved. But sadly, for personal reasons, Zoe’s family had to return her. We don’t know what the personal reasons are, but they did say Zoe did nothing wrong. So now Zoe is back at Good Mews for the 3rd time. She was very upset and heartbroken because she was so happy and she could not understand why she was no longer with her family. She’s also upset because she can’t figure out why nobody wants her. We keep telling her we just haven’t found the right home for her yet, and we promise we will work very hard to get it right this time. Zoe really is the perfect cat and she deserves to have the perfect family. Someone that will love her and commit to her. So if you are looking for a single pet that again, is really the perfect cat, please come meet Zoe. Because of her past experiences, Zoe must be adopted as a single pet and always remain a single pet. She would also do best in a quiet home with no small children.

I am not good with other cats