BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Calico/Dilute Calico
GENDER: Female
DOB: 01/2019
I am available for adoption
about me

Zee is a beautiful girl that needs a person to love her. She has never known love and security and she has no idea how to accept it right now. But with the right person that is willing to be patient with her and show her not all humans are bad, she will certainly come around.

Zee was with another rescue and when they could no longer take care of their cats, they all transferred to other organizations. We are so happy Zee came to us, since we have a lot of volunteers that will work with her and help her build her confidence. She will not only be safe with us, but she will also be loved until her person comes for her.

She is an adorable, petite girl that acts scarier than she actually is. When you try to pet her, she will hiss and sometimes swat, but with her claws in. She still needs to gain our trust but if you sit with her and talk softly to her, she will allow you to slowly put your hand out and pet her little head. We know there is a big sweetheart in there, just dying to come out and show the world who she really is. Hopefully someone will give her that chance soon. Zee doesn’t ask for much. Just a big comfy bed, some yummy soft food, and a patient person.

Because Zee is still shy, we feel she would do best in a home with another friendly cat to show her how it is to be a part of a loving family.