BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown/White
AGE: 4 years
I am available for adoption
about me

Tigger is a sweet, sweet boy who was living outside at a timeshare property getting fed by the employees but finding shelter wherever he could. A lady and her husband helped the staff start a TNR program and Tigger was one of the cats they trapped. She immediately knew that Tigger was different than any other cat on the property - much more friendly and outgoing. While at the property, the lady fed Tigger every day and as soon as she sat down, he would jump on her lap and purr loudly while she petted and scratched his back and shoulders. When she was ready to go back to her condo, Tigger would follow her like a puppy. Other people told her that if a balcony door was left open, he may just invite himself in. She knew she had to find Tigger a loving home and asked Good Mews to help.

Tigger is a pretty confident and friendly cat and LOVES human companionship once he trusts you and gets acclimated to his new surroundings. He LOVES laps and is a great conversationalist. He lost his younger buddy where he lived and has been on his own since. We think he might do well if adopted with a younger cat who can keep him company and help him adjust to a lavish indoor life. He is adjusting well to being indoors and has enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine of a screened porch at his foster Mom’s house.

I am good with other cats