BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Buff/White
AGE: 10 months
I am available for adoption
about me

Tonya and Sunny are an adorable sister/brother pair. They were rescued from living outside and are now at Good Mews, waiting for the perfect family to take them home.

Tonya and Sunny love everything! They love people and they will purr up a storm when you give them scratches on top of their heads and cheeks. They love cuddles and will gladly snuggle up on the couch with someone for nice, long siesta.

They love toys of all kinds and will play all day long if they could. And most of all, they love each other and are looking for a family together. They may act a little shy when they first go home, but once they start to trust their new family, they will blossom into wonderful family members.

Buddy System
buddy system

Sunny and Tonya are bonded and must be adopted together.

My Buddy’s Name is: Tonya