BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
DOB: 06/2018
I am available for adoption
about me

Monica and Ross were living outside when a volunteer saw them and wanted to help. She didn’t want them producing more kittens, so she trapped them, and they were able to get spayed/neutered at our clinic. Because they were such sweet kitties, she didn’t want to release them back outside, so she fostered them until space was available at Good Mews. She spent a lot of time working on socializing them and it paid off! They are very sweet, affectionate kitties, but they are still shy in new environments. But once they know they can trust you and you want to be their friend, they will open up and let you in. They are fun little guys that love to have a good time. They love to play with all sorts of toys and they enjoy wrestling and chasing each other. Once they settle down, they will curl up with each other. This brother/sister duo love each other so much, they are required to be adopted together!

Buddy System
buddy system

Ross and Monica are bonded and must be adopted together!

My Buddy’s Name is: Monica