r. cie
BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black/White
GENDER: Female
AGE: 6 years
I am available for adoption
about me

R.Cie once had a loving home. When her parents brought home a new Good Mews kitty she was so happy to have a friend! They became fast buddies and R. Cie enjoyed having the companionship of another cat.

Sadly, when R.Cie’s mom passed away, the husband could no longer care for the cats. He contacted Good Mews to return the cat that they adopted from us and we said we could take R.Cie was well.

R. Cie is a very sweet, loveable girl, but can be shy in new situations. Once she warms up, she is a social, outgoing cat. She will need time to adjust to a new home and will need to be adopted into a home where another cat friendly feline lives. Her previous roommate has been adopted and R. Cie is hoping she will have a second chance at a happy home again. And she is really looking forward to bonding with another friend.

I am good with other cats