BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown/White, White
GENDER: Female
DOB: 06/2010
I am available for adoption
My adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor
about me

Our sweet Pixie girl has been waiting a long time for a forever home.

Pixie was abandoned in the pouring rain in 2013 along with her brother. They had a home but for reasons unknown to us, their family could no longer keep them. We were happy to take them and help them find a new home.

Pixie and her brother were like night and day. While her brother was super social and friendly, Pixie wanted nothing to do with us. If we got to close to her, she would swat and hiss. And because she had a bad cataract in her eye, the pain from that made her even more moody and cranky! When treatment was not helping her eye, the doctor recommended removing it. Once she was no longer in pain, she got a little better, but not much! She still didn’t care for us humans. Pixie was then placed in the Kitty Buddy program, where volunteers spend time with our shy and scared cats, helping them adjust to their new life so they have a better chance at finding a forever home.

A couple years went by and we started seeing improvements in Pixie’s attitude. She started letting us pet her on her terms and if someone sat quietly on the floor, she would approach them and give them a few body rubs. She wanted to let them know she was OK with them, but when she was done with them, she was done.

Once we started Yoga and Reading to Cats at the shelter, we started seeing a lot more of Pixie. She enjoys sitting on the Yoga mats and sometimes shows the participants how to do their Yoga moves. She is fine with the kids that come to read and will nicely sit beside them, listening to their stories.

We are so happy Pixie is starting to enjoy her life again. She has come so far and we feel she is ready for her next step in life: a forever home. She may need time to adjust so maybe a quieter home would be best. She would be OK with older kids, as long as they are gentle with her. Pixie still allows attention on her terms, so her new family will need to learn to read her signs when she has had enough. But who knows? Maybe in a loving home, she will be a lot more relaxed. She would do great as a single cat, and would also do fine with another laid-back kitty.

Pixie’s brother was adopted shortly after they came to Good Mews but Pixie has not had the same good fortune. Hopefully someone will notice her soon and will want to give her the loving home she longs for.

I am good with other cats