BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
AGE: 3 years
I am available for adoption
My adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor
about me

Pete is a great boy that just wants a loving home. He was living outside, fending for himself and trying to make the best of it. But sometimes he would peak in people’s windows, wishing he could have a comfortable and safe place to lay his head every night. But most of all, he wanted someone to love him.

Someone saw Pete living outside, so she started feeding and caring for him. When she took him to the vet for medical treatment, they contacted us to see if we could find Pete the home he was wishing for. We said we would be happy to do that for him.

Pete is a very sweet cat that loves to be petted. He may be a little shy once he first goes to his new home, but once he looks around and sees his wish came true, he will be so excited. At times Pete can get over-stimulated and get a little nippy when you pet him, but not in a mean or aggressive way. He has just never lived the life of a house cat. So if you are looking for a young cat to join your family, why not consider Pete?

I am not good with other cats
medical notes

Pete has a condition known as stomatitis which causes inflammation in his mouth. His teeth have been removed, which has helped a lot. He will need to be monitored for this condition. Pete is also on a special diet due to a sensitive tummy.

Pete is FIV+, but don’t let that scare you! FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. They can also live safely with FIV negative cats. FIV is spread through severe bite wounds, so it is important that your kitties get along. To learn more about FIV, please read the articles under the Advice tab.