BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Orange/Red
DOB: 02/2016
I am available for adoption
about me

Paulie the Polydactyl! This handsome stud has extra toes on his front paws, making him a polydactyl!
Paulie was rescued from an over-crowded animal control in 2017 and his good-looks and southern charm quickly won him a home. But sadly, circumstances changed, and he came back to Good Mews. Now he’s looking for a new family that will commit to him and keep him safe for the rest of his life.
Not only does Paulie have the good looks, he is also super social and affectionate. He loves to be held and cuddled, but not for long. Once he is done with all the mushiness, he is ready to be let go so he can go hang out and watch the birds and squirrels outside his window, or go have a snack or go romp around the house or just go take a nap. Ya know, like most cats like to do.
So if you’re looking for a big ole’ sweetheart to join your family, come by and meet Paulie the Polydactyl!