BREED: Domestic
DOB: 03/2018
I am available for adoption
about me

Ollie was born in a feral colony and was so sweet that the caretaker actually let him come in and out as he pleased. She brought him to Good Mews for a neuter and let us keep him to find a loving forever home. He had a head tilt as long as she could remember but was unable to find the cause of that issue. When we looked in Ollie's ears, we noticed a big polyp and severe infection. He saw a specialist for ear surgery - she removed the polyp and drained the infection. Ollie will probably always be a little tilted but we think he just has a unique view of the world! There is always potential for the polyp to grow back or infection to return even after appropriate treatment so this will be something the adopter will want to monitor!

Ollie is a super sweet guy that is active and loves meeting new people and cats. His social, outgoing personality will win someone’s heart real soon! And that head tilt just makes him even more adorable, if that’s even possible!