BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Gray/Blue/Silver
DOB: 12/2018
I am available for adoption
I am in the HALO program
about me

Olaf was found all alone outside on a day when snow was predicted. That's no place for a little guy to be! His luck turned around though when he was able to come to Good Mews. He's been enjoying life in a foster home but now he's ready to find a forever home.

Olaf is just a happy guy. A very happy guy! Some of his favorite things are chasing balls around (he may well have been a soccer player in a previous life), attempting to break land speed records while running up and down stairs, keeping a close eye on the birds, squirrels and moving leaves and limbs outside, being a sous chef (he's always hanging around the kitchen when meals are being prepped), making sure the laws of gravity remain constant, computer tech support, and watching sports of all kinds - he loves to try and grab the ball from the TV/monitor. His most favorite thing may just be wrestling matches with his buddy Sven. Sven is a stuffed cat who has been with Olaf since very early on. Oh, and eating. He is a champion eater! Olaf is a renaissance kind of guy who is sure to keep you entertained!

He does take time to rest though and when he does you'll see his super cuddly side. He likes being held and he'll nuzzle your face to show his enjoyment. When he's ready to settle down for a bit he will position himself across your chest in such a way that his head is resting on your shoulder and he'll purr directly into your ear. He really has a fabulous purr. And being busy much of the day means that Olaf does enjoy a good nights sleep. When you are ready to go to bed, he likes to curl up right next to you and sleep for hours.

You just have to spend some time in the Magical Land of Olaf to see what a terrific guy he is.

Olaf lived in a foster home with senior cats (those grouches were no fun!) so he would really love a home with another energetic cat or kitten. And since he's not had experience with cats his own age his energy level can approach feisty at times. Having a playmate will help him figure this out. He may also be too much for little children.

Olaf does have a heart condition that requires daily medication. His foster mom would tell you any heart irregularities are because Olaf's heart is overly full of love. Olaf is hoping his health issues don't keep him from finding a home where he can share his magic every day.

Medical Notes
medical notes

Olaf has a congenital defect (mitral valve dysplasia and aortic valve malformation) in his heart that requires daily medication. He is in our HALO program which you can learn more about by clicking on the HALO icon below his photo.