BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
AGE: 6 years
I am available for adoption
about me

Nero really needs a forever home. He has never had one in his life, and boy won’t this guy be pleasantly surprised once he enters his first home. Before Nero came to Good Mews, he only knew outdoor living. Finding safe, warm (or cool) places to lay his head at night. Shelter from rain and storms. Hunting for his food. And let’s not forget the predators he had to try to avoid to stay alive.

When Nero came to Good Mews he was shocked when he saw bowls of food and fresh water waiting for him. And big, warm fluffy beds; he was in heaven. And Nero couldn’t thank us enough for giving him the life he has never known. He rewarded us with head-butts and purrs. And of course, that made our hearts happy knowing how happy he finally was.

Nero enjoys being held and snuggled. He also loves watching the wildlife out the window, but he is perfectly happy doing it from the safely of the indoors. Nero will make a wonderful friend for someone and will probably thank them every day for giving him a life he never knew existed.