BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown/White
GENDER: Female
DOB: 11/2009
I am available for adoption
about me

Poor Myrtle. She’s been adopted from Good Mews twice and she just can’t seem to find the perfect home she deserves. In her last home, she was adopted with two other Good Mews cats, but she didn’t really like them; she often hissed or swatted at them. But one thing Myrtle liked in her home was food. She over-ate, causing her to become pre-diabetic. When her adopter was planning to move out of state, she thought it best to return Myrtle to us. When Myrtle came back, it was decided that she would live in a Suite where her food intake could be monitored. She is not diabetic, but she is on a diet to keep any issues at bay.

Everyone that meets Myrtle falls in love. She has a super sweet personality and loves attention. She has beautiful, long fur and she loves to be brushed. When you pet and brush her, she will sit and purr with happiness. She loves every human she meets and enjoys just hanging out with them on the couch or following them around the house. When her human is not around, she loves napping in sunny spots or watching the wildlife outside her window. She is a great cat and we are hoping her 3rd home is her lucky charm!

Myrle would do great as a single cat, that way she gets all the attention to herself! She also does well with her current roommates, so she might be okay with one or two other calm kitties that also need a controlled diet.