BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black/White
GENDER: Female
AGE: 4 months
I am available for adoption
about me

Little Minah was born into a feral colony who survived on scraps from the refuse behind a restaurant. One freezing morning, she sought warmth under the hood of a car and the next thing she knew, the car started and she couldn’t get out. Several hours later, she ended up - greasy, oily, and really scared - at Good Mews. Lucky for her, a foster mama was available to show her what warmth, comfort, and love feels like.

After a few weeks in foster care, she’s shown herself to be very playful and very smart and verrry independent! Minah definitely prefers to call her own shots - where she sleeps, when she snuggles in your lap, and what she likes to play with are all done on her terms. She’s a bit shy and aloof, but your patience with her will reward you with her trust and devotion. She’ll love sleeping on your bed, chasing any string, or batting around anything that rolls.

And, get ready - - Minah loves to play fetch!!! Yes, this sweetie loves nothing more than to bring you her puff ball, watch you throw it, chase after it and bring it right back to you to throw out again, and again, and again! Fun!

Since she is shy and a bit anxious, Miss Independent Minah would not be at her best in a home with young children. She’d love a home with other kitties to wrestle with and head butt, with older kids who understand “don’t grab”, or with adults who enjoy a strong, silent type of kitty who plays a great game of fetch!

Come get Minah. She needs you to love her and teach her more tricks! Fist/paw bump, anyone?