BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Calico/Dilute Calico
GENDER: Female
DOB: 09/2018
I am available for adoption
about me

Mercie transferred from Glynn Co AC due to Hurricane Dorian evacuation. Around 50 cats either had ringworm or were exposed to it, so they would not have been allowed to move to an evacuation center. So if rescues could not be found for them, they would have been euthanized. When we heard about this, we could not allow 50 otherwise healthy cats lose their life for something that is treatable. So we agreed to help. Staff and volunteers drove to Glynn County to pick up the kitties and brought them back to Good Mews. We were able to keep 34 and the rest went to another shelter. We are so happy we were able to help these babies because they all deserve a chance at a happy, loving home.

Mercie had a bad case of ringworm and it took her a little longer to heal. She was a good sport during treatment and spent most of her time eating, napping, and grooming her beautiful coat. She was anxious to get better so she could finally find her forever home, but she never once complained. She is a super laid-back girl and was very patient. But now after waiting almost 2 months, she is ready for her family and you can see the excitement in her adorable face. She has never known true love, so she is looking forward to finally having her very own person to cuddle with. She is looking for a low-key family with access to cat trees, comfy beds, and cozy nooks. But most importantly, someone to love and care for her.