BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown/White
DOB: 01/2017
about me

This handsome, fluffy guy looks like he has a perma-grin on his face. He’s always happy and he especially loves meeting new people. When he greets you with a hello-meow, he’ll then rub his head against you, asking if you want to be friends. Of course you can’t say no; he’s way too hard to resist!

We brought Mackerel back to Good Mews when we went to an over-crowded animal to pull several cats. When we saw that happy face of his, we knew we had to help find him a forever home. He had been adopted once from the same animal control, but because he is not a fan of children, they had to return him. So now Mackerel is looking for an adult only home, where he will get lots of loves and affection.

Because of Mackerel’s great personality, he was adopted shorty after arriving at Good Mews. Sadly, his second home was not a good fit. Mackerel is rambunctious and chatty. His adopter’s home was quiet and Mackerel is not a quiet guy! So in his next home, he will need a person that will spend lots of time with him or another feline friend that will keep him entertained but is tough enough not to take it personally when Mackerel is being dominant.

I am not good with children