kit kat
BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
GENDER: Female
AGE: 2 years
I am available for adoption
My adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor
about me

Kit Kat is a super sweet, affection cat but at first, she will appear very shy and afraid. She lived the first part of her life outside, near a parking lot. She had to fend for herself, doing all she could to stay alive. And being a shy cat made it even harder for her. She lived in constant fear.

A kind lady knew she was out there and tried to gain her trust for almost a year. When she was finally able to pet her, she brought her home and fostered her until Good Mews had space. Once Kit Kat started to trust her foster mom, she was a very loving kitty that enjoyed sitting in her lap and licking her hand. It will take Kit Kat time to adjust to yet another new environment, but with time and patience, her new family with have her heart.

Kit Kat is nervous around men and it will take longer for them to gain her trust. She is also scared of sudden movements and loud noises so a quiet home would be best for her. So if you are looking for a sweet girl to join your home, please consider Kit Kat. She has never had a family and it would really mean the world to her to finally be loved.

I am not good with children
Medical Notes
medical notes

Kit Kat is FIV+, but don’t let that scare you! FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. They can also live safely with FIV negative cats. FIV is spread through severe bite wounds, so it is important that your kitties get along. To learn more about FIV, please read the articles under the Advice tab.