BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
GENDER: Female
DOB: 09/2007
I am available for adoption
My adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor
I am in the Kitty Keeper program
about me

Kate and her sister were adopted from Good Mews as kittens and were sadly returned 4 years later; this was in 2012. The pair were not bonded so her sister quickly found a new home. Kate is still at Good Mews and she hasn’t had much luck with finding a forever family of her own.

Kate is an adorable kitty with a little round body. She loves attention and being petted, but at times she may nip; but do not mistake this has being mean or irritated. We like to call them “love bites”. When you love on her, her little motor will start running.

Kate is very playful and enjoys chasing a feather wand and batting and rolling around on catnip toys. She also LOVES munching on cat grass. While she’s relaxing, she likes to watch the wildlife outside her window.

Because Kate is on a special diet, she has a Suite at the shelter. She has lived in her Suite for years and has seen many roommates come and go. It always makes her a little sad when one of her friends gets adopted, and she hasn’t had the same luck at finding her person. Kate has been at Good Mews for a long time and deserves to spend her golden years with a loving family. She still has a lot of spunk in her and will make a wonderful companion.

If you’re looking for a quiet kitty to join your family, please consider Kate. She will be forever grateful to finally have someone to love and care for her.

Medical Notes
medical notes

Kate is on a low dose steroid due to possible lung disease or scarring in her lungs. She does very well on her medication and needs regular vet monitoring as well as weight management to keep stress off her lungs.