featured cat of the month
BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
GENDER: Female
DOB: 12/2015
I am available for adoption
Because I am a Featured Cat, my adoption fee is 50%
about me

Juanita is an adorable girl that has a tough life but now that she is at Good Mews things are starting to look up for her and hopefully she will find the forever family she longs for. Juanita was at a county animal control, with very little chance of someone adopting her; her only hope was for a rescue group to take her in. An advocate for the shelter pulled her and then she transferred to Good Mews once space was available. Juanita had severely infected eyes. Her left eye was too damaged and had to be removed. They were able to save her right eye, but she does have impaired vision.

When Juanita first came to Good Mews, she was a little on the shy side, but it didn’t take long for her to start feeling comfortable in her new environment. But then she became a little mischievous, and started opening the doors to the Suites, letting the cats on special diets out. It was decided to keep her out of trouble, she would live in the tech office.

Juanita gets a lot of attention from staff and volunteers, but since she is in a room outside the main shelter, she is not as noticed on adoption days. We’d really like to find Juanita the perfect home because she really is a great girl. Because of her one eye having impaired vision, she doesn’t like to be snuck up on, but once she knows you’re there, she is all about the attention! She loves people and when she sees an empty lap, it’s all hers! She is also very playful and enjoys her toys and feather wands.

Juanita would make a wonderful single cat, and she would probably do OK in a home with another cat, as long as they gave her personal space. Because she will nip if she doesn’t want to be bothered, it is best that she does not go home with young children.

I am not good with dogs