BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Tabico/Torbico
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1 year
I am available for adoption
about me

Gladys is one big love-bug! She will happily curl up in your lap and stay all day if you let her. She loves attention and affection from people more than anything in this world. She is super friendly and outgoing so we have no idea how she ended up as a stray, living outside. Another thing that blows our mind is someone brought her to a county animal control and she sat there for 3 long months, with nobody adopting or rescuing her! How such a loving, outgoing girl was overlooked for so long is a mystery to us. But that’s OK. When Good Mews went to pull some cats and heard how long she was waiting, we scooped her right up. Now Gladys is ready for a new life with people that will love her forever.