BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black/White
AGE: 1 year
I am available for adoption
about me

Clark was rescued from an overcrowded animal control, so we do not have any history of him. Was he a stray cat, living on the streets, fending for himself? Was he a part of someone’s family and they could no longer care for him, so they took him to animal control. Unfortunately, cats can’t talk, so will never know Clark’s story. But hopefully, now that he is with us, he life will only get better.

What we do know is, Clark is not a fan of other cats or dogs. It could be because he had never lived with them, or being around so many other cats is overwhelming him, so he acts out. So in order for him to succeed in his new home, it would best that he is a single pet. That way he can be the king of his domain without any worries.

But what we do know is Clark loves people. He can’t get enough attention and when you pet him, his motor instantly turns on. He will be a wonderful companion; he will keep you warm at night when he snuggles up to you in bed. He will sit and watch TV with you or just curl up beside you while you chill out. He will also keep you active by wanting you to play with him. So if you are looking for a single pet to join your family, please come by and meet Clark!

I am not good with dogsI am not good with other cats