BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black/White
AGE: 14 years
I am available for adoption
I am in the HALO program
I am in the Kitty Keeper program
about me

Bud lost his home and has had a hard time finding a new one. He is diabetic, shy and a senior; three characteristics that can prevent a cat from finding a home. Hopefully that special someone will read about him and want to give him the loving home he deserves.

Bud is shy around people he does not know, so it will take a very patient adopter who is willing to work with him and let him come around at his own pace. He does, however, love other cats; or should we say they love him? He is quite the Casanova at the shelter and always has a female kitty in love with him. Bud has had several girlfriends over the years, with his current one being Bellona.

Bellona loves being around Bud and will sit outside his Suite, waiting for someone to let her in so she can hang out with him. She will rub against him, giving him head-butts. They really are a sweet couple.

Bud is overlooked on adoption days, but with some time and patience, he would settle nicely into a new home. He just needs a chance. Since he feels more comfortable around other cats, he is required to be adopted into a home with other kitties. We think he would adjust more quickly if he had Bellona with him!

I am good with other cats
Medical Notes
medical notes

Bud is diabetic and requires insulin shots twice a day. He is also on a restricted diet and lives in his own suite. Because he is diabetic, he is in our HALO program. To read more about the program, please click on the HALO icon under his photo.