BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Orange/Red
DOB: 02/2014
I am available for adoption
My adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor
about me

Braeburn is a handsome fellow that is used to running his own show. He was living his life on the streets, taking care of himself, not needing another soul in the world. Someone didn’t like seeing him out there, so he was taken to a county animal control, which was almost a death sentence for him. Because Braeburn is FIV+, some shelters won’t adopt them out, so a rescue was his only hope. Since the animal control knew we accepted FIV+ cats, we gladly said we would help him and find him a loving home.

Since being with us, Braeburn is starting to realize living indoors is so much nicer than outdoor living. He never has to hunt for his meals, he always has a dry, soft place to sleep and he is getting tons of love and attention. He didn’t know being inside was so awesome! Now he just needs a family, something he has never experienced. Once he has that, he will know just how wonderful life can be!

So if you’re looking for a super nice, social guy to join your family, be sure to ask for Braeburn when you visit!

Braeburn is FIV+, but don’t let that scare you! FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. They can also live safely with FIV negative cats. FIV is spread through severe bite wounds, so it is important that your kitties get along. To learn more about FIV, please read the articles under the Advice tab.