Six months ago, we went to Good Mews to adopt Nahla and Callie (formerly “Calico”), a bonded mother-daughter pair. When we met them in the shelter, Nahla was all over the place. She was active, playing, jumping all over the tops of the cat trees, wanted to be petted, very sweet and playful. On the other hand, when we met Callie in the shelter, she was holed up in a small cat cube in the corner of the back room. She was very shy, barely ate or moved around the room, hissed when other cats came by, and hated loud noises. But she was very sweet and enjoyed being petted. We decided we had to get them. We were worried that Callie would be timid, but we wanted to take them home.

It took them a few weeks to settle in, but they have adjusted very well. Nahla is still a lovable goofball. She loves perching at the top of her cat tree or on the backs of our office chairs, and she loves playing and snuggling in our laps and being brushed. She seems to think of us as her children and loves to groom us. She will go up to any guests that we have and jump right in their lap.

Callie has changed so much. Although she is still shy around new people and loud noises, she is no longer scared all of the time. She is so sweet and happy. She climbs up into our laps, plays with toys, and asks for belly rubs (she actually loves them). She snuggles with us in the bed every night before we go to sleep and every morning after we feed her breakfast.
The two of them together are so funny. They play together all of the time and chase each other around the house. We couldn’t have dreamed of better cats, and will never have doubts about adopting a shy kitty again. They’re our cat “children” and we couldn’t imagine life without them.
Thank you, Good Mews.
Sarah, Andrew, Nahla and Callie