In early October 2017, my husband & I unexpectedly lost our great love, Molly (black DLH, 14 years old), to small cell lymphoma . Molly was with us from when she was just a few weeks old, which was when we were just first dating. So from the beginning really it had been the 3 of us as a family. We didn’t know how to be without her. So we went to Good Mews several times that month just to get “fur therapy”. Then one day, back in the green “Quiet Room”, a beautiful long hair Torti crawled into my lap….
When Bella joined our family (November 2017), she was just over a year old . We had brought Bella’s sister, Luna (black Manx, 6 months old), home just 5 days before. Luna was a stray that showed up on my friend’s porch. She was very friendly & had been using the neighborhood as her own personal buffet table, but had no true home. We wanted them to be more than just housemates, we wanted them to be sisters & best friends. So, for a week & a half we kept them separated for the most part, with supervised play times. Then one day I turned them loose. There were many chases & battles through the house, but at the end of it we had what we most wanted: 2 kitties who were best friends. They nap together & bathe each other. They chase & fight. They hunt birds & chipmunks from the window.

Bella wakes me up each morning by standing on my chest & making biscuits. Then I pet her until she lies down on me, purring. A few times I have felt her fall asleep like this. But she quickly goes from sound asleep to full-on, turbo-power kitty, racing downstairs to attack one of her toys- or Luna. Her favorite toys are green fish & grey fish. You can often hear her coming from a distant part of the house due to the sound of the bell on grey fish ringing. Bella has a special meow/cry to alert us when she’s just killed a fish & is bring it to us for dinner. She’s a master at carrying toys in her mouth- including water bottle caps. When I clean the litter boxes, Bella is right there to help. She jumps in, digging in the litter, often right in the path of the scooper. When fresh litter is poured into a box, she paws at the litter as it falls, as if helping it along. She is hilarious.
Bella is amazing. She has a little bit of a hurt left leg from a prior injury from before her time at Good Mews. We’re treating this proactively by giving a supplement- vet recommended- to prevent/delay arthritis or other pain. And we’ve seen improvement in her movements because of this. But even so, you would expect her to favor this leg, or proceed cautiously. Not Bella. She is fearless, curious, & nothing slows her down. Seriously, she’s the fastest person I know. And I think she helps keep Luna in shape too. Luna is a larger kitty, long & muscular, but she would love to just lie around & sleep. Bella gets her up, & they run through the house. It sounds like a herd of elephants. They race down the stairs, soar over the steps of one cat tower, scoot under the coffee table, then jump up the other cat tower. They barrel into it with such force that it moves a few inches to the right everyday & I have to re-center it in front of the window.
Bella wants 100% of the attention of everyone in the house 100% of the time. We have a “Bella” saying: “Why pet a Luna when you could pet a Bella?” She’s not unkind about wanting attention- by any means. But if pets are being given out, she’s front & center. She’s not afraid of anything- strangers, thunder, fireworks, foil- with the exception of the treadmill when it’s on for some reason. She’s very friendly to everyone. She rolls on her back, belly-up, purring, at a first greeting. She is a happy little purr-box.
We feel so lucky to have Bella & Luna as our family, our baby girls. We love them so much that I can’t even adequately put it into words. Although we will never really get over losing our Molly, Bella & Luna have pulled us out of the deep, consuming sorrow in which we were living. We are truly grateful for them.