The kittens are doing awesome. Dot, who was Melisandre, is still the more shy and skittish but loves naps on us and really has gained some weight. Loves to play chase with any type of ball or cat toy.

Bambi was renamed Bella but ended up as Cocoa Puff. We could not decide so we put all our ideas on pieces of paper in a hat and let her pick one. She is such a personality. She owns the place and is the most vocal cat I’ve ever known. She also loves to nap on us. Her favorite place is my husband’s swim backpack.

The dog and cats relationship continues to amaze me. Ripley, our dog, and Cocoa have been trying to figure out how to play with one another. Ripley steals her toys and she plays with his tennis ball. They nap near each other and have been known to give each other licks. I’ve always seen the pictures of dogs and cats napping together. I think it’s possible long term with these two. Dot even got a kiss from Ripley today.

They both love to play and nap together and make us laugh. I’m so smitten with them.

Thank you and all the volunteers at Good Mews for all you do.