Ash and Apple were not acquainted when we adopted them both on a Sunday in October. But they are good friends now, as you can see by the photo!

We just love having them as part of our family! Little Ash is still his curious kitten self, and he loves to run and slide on our hardwood floors! Apple prefers to curl up with her paws folded together (we’ve read that’s a sign of happiness). We can’t get enough of watching them chase their feather toy, climb up and “play” our piano accidentally or explore, and we love to hear them purr, which they do, a lot!

We’re so grateful to Good Mews for all of your good advice and care. The transition was easy. (You should also know that, despite Apple’s supposed “history” – she had been returned once, for not using her litter box- we haven’t had a single problem.) We picked the best kitties for us and we are so happy they found us. We think they’re pretty happy, too.

Lee, Shawn, Alex and Kate