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Larger Photo(s) of Iggy

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Color: Brown Tabby

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 2010

Handsome and sweet-natured, Iggy is a bit shy around people. He loves other cats, and will follow the lead of the ‘top cat’ in the group, becoming more curious and playful as he relaxes. He loves to play, but prefers quieter, one-on-one play with balls or string toys. Iggy loves the company of other cats and cannot be the only cat in the household. He likes to be petted, but finds new people and situations a bit scary and needs time and patience to adjust. Iggy would love to be adopted with his sister, Kiwi, his mom, Michelle, or another one of his great pals at the shelter.

A generous donor has paid Iggy’s adoption fee!

Iggy in our Kitty Keeper program and sends out quarterly updates on how things are going at the shelter.  To read more about our Kitty Keeper program, click the Giving to GM tab.

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My name is Iggy


Larger Photo(s) of Iris

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Black

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: August 2012

Iris was abandoned with her siblings and mom when she was just a kitten.  She came to Good Mews and was quickly adopted with her two siblings.  Unfortunately it did not work out and Iris was returned.  Iris was described as a very sweet kitty by her former family, but she began to have litterbox issues.  She seemed stressed by her two feline siblings that she lived with and no longer seemed to get along with them.  Iris is a shy kitty with a sweet side.  She likes to be petted and will roll over on her back for belly rubs and will loudly purr.
She may need a little time to adjust so we think a quiet home would be best for Iris. Once she knows she is loved again, her sweet, outgoing personality will emerge.
Iris may do better as an only cat, as the two other cats in her former home seemed to stress her and may have led to her litterbox issues


Larger Photo(s) of Jackson

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Brown Tabby

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 2014

Vinnie & Jackson were trapped as part of a feral colony at a local high school back in September. These adorable kittens were too sweet to be put back outdoors, so a Good Mews volunteer agreed to foster and socialize them until they could be adopted. 

Vinnie (black & white) is definitely not feral. He purrs non-stop and sleeps on his foster mom’s pillow at night. He has the softest fur ever and a very kissable belly. He is not a huge fan of being held, but he will climb onto your lap and make biscuits. He is still a growing boy who loves to eat and doesn’t quite understand the concept of “that’s not your food”, but otherwise he is very well-behaved. He does think that hair ties are meant to be pulled out of your ponytail and then played with, but he’s so cute that he can get away with it.

Jackson (brown tabby) is so handsome! He has come a long way socially, and will now seek out chin scratches and sleep at the foot of the bed. He is super playful and curious, and he absolutely loves treats. In fact, the only thing he loves more than treats is Vinnie! Jackson is still learning what can/cannot be chewed on (he loves cardboard boxes) but he responds quickly to reprimands. His favorite toys are plastic balls, fuzzy mice, and “da bird”.

Vinnie & Jackson are very bonded and are always together, even when around other kitties. Vinnie is more outgoing and is teaching Jackson how to interact with people, so it’s important that they be adopted together. They may take a little longer to adjust to new surroundings, but once comfortable they will run around and provide you with tons of entertainment! After a bout of wrestling and chasing, they will spoon and take an impossibly adorable nap together.

If you are looking for 2 sweet, funny, playful, hungry boys to join your family, please come and meet Vinnie & Jackson soon!

Vinnie and Jackson are in foster care and will be at the shelter on the weekends for adoptions. If interested in meeting them during the week, email adopt@goodmews.org.


Larger Photo(s) of Kate

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Black

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: September 2007

Kate and her sister were adopted from Good Mews when they were kittens, and were sadly returned 4 years later. We know they are sad to be back, because they really loved their home. We are hoping they will find a new loving home soon.

Kate is an adorable kitty with a little round body. She loves attention but do not mistake her nips as being mean. Kate just likes to give love bites. While you pet her, her little motor will run. She misses being in a home and hopes someone will come in and fall in love with her and take her home.

Update-Our sweet Kate has been diagnosed with small cell lymphoma in her lungs. She had congestion in her lungs and was taken to a specialist. She is on steroids and she is expected to have 1-2 years of a good life. Then she will probably require more medical care. Kate is such a nice, deserving girl and would love to have a loving family for the rest of her life. If you are looking for a kitty to provide a loving home to, please consider Kate.

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