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Larger Photo(s) of Kiwi

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Color: Brown Torbie

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 2010

Kiwi is a beautiful, energetic torbie Maine Coon mix. She loves to run and play, especially with string or wand toys, but is shy around people. She needs time to adjust to new situations, but it’s certainly worth the effort to get to know her. She loves other cats, but does not enjoy being picked up or held by people she doesn’t know. She needs a bit of time and patience to adjust to new situations. Once she does, she becomes miss chatty and loves to talk up a storm!  She isn’t a cuddly lap cat yet, but will bring a lot of joy to the right home. Kiwi cannot be the only cat in the household, and would love to be adopted with her brother, Iggy or her mother, Michelle.

Kiwi is currently in foster care. If interested in meeting her, please email adopt@goodmews.org

A generous donor has paid Kiwi’s adoption fee!

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My name is Kiwi


Larger Photo(s) of lizzie

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Brown Tabby

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 2012

Lizzie is a very outgoing girl with a great meow! When she meows at you, you can’t help but to stop and spend time with her. She is super friendly and is always up for a good time. Lizzie loves people and really wants her very own family to hang out with.

Lizzie had a home, but when her person could no longer care for her, she sadly ended up in a bad situation. Someone was doing their best to help some of the homeless cats out there, but unfortunately it got out of hand and she ended up with 40 cats. She knew she could not properly care of them, so she reached out for help. Thankfully Good Mews agreed to take a few of them.

Lizzie is a lucky girl and is very thankful she ended up with us. We are going to work hard to find her the loving forever home she deserves. 

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My name is lizzie


Larger Photo(s) of louis

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Brown and White Tabby

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 2011

All Louis wants is a loving, forever home. This poor guy can’t seem to find anything stable in his life. He has heard of forever homes, but has never experienced one. He is a little shy and does not know how to ask for what he wants. He is probably afraid he will be rejected. But Louis is full of kindness, so not sure why anyone would reject him. Once people look past his shy personality, they will see a beautiful boy with a big heart.

Louis has a tipped ear, so that means he was living outside when someone trapped him to have him neutered then released him back out. He somehow ended up in a home with someone that was trying to help the homeless kitties out there, but it got out of hand. When she ended up with over 40 cats, she knew she had to get help. When she contacted Good Mews, we were able to take a few for her.

So now Louis is safe with us and hopefully will soon be in a forever home. He will need a patient adopter willing to let him come out of his shell at his own pace. But while you are petting him and you hear his soft purr, you will know it was worth it!

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My name is louis


Larger Photo(s) of Michelle

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Color: Torbie

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 2009

Michelle is a beautiful, sweet-natured torbie rescued from Lake Lanier in 2010. She had a congenital defect in her left eye, but had surgery to remove the eye while in foster care and has completely recovered. She is very friendly with other cats and loves people, but it takes a while to earn her trust. She is extremely playful and loves to be petted – especially on her back and tail - but does not like to be picked up or held. She adores her kittens, Iggy, Kiwi, and Boomer (born May of 2010) and loves to play with them. Boomer has been adopted, but Iggy and Kiwi are still at Good Mews. Michelle would love to be adopted with one of them, especially Iggy, but she gets along exceptionally well with all the other cats at Good Mews. She would make an excellent companion for a young cat or kitten. She cannot be the only cat in the household.

A generous donor has paid for Michelle’s adoption fee!!

Michelle is currently in foster care. If interested in meeting her, please email adopt@goodmews.org

Michelle is in our Kitty Keeper program and sends out quarterly updates on how things are going at the shelter. To read more about our Kitty Keeper program, click on our Giving to GM tab.

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