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Adoptable Cats


Larger Photo(s) of Kate

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Black

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: September 2007

Kate and her sister were adopted from Good Mews when they were kittens, and were sadly returned 4 years later. We know they are sad to be back, because they really loved their home. We are hoping they will find a new loving home soon.

Kate is an adorable kitty with a little round body. She loves attention but do not mistake her nips as being mean. Kate just likes to give love bites. While you pet her, her little motor will run. She misses being in a home and hopes someone will come in and fall in love with her and take her home.

Update-Our sweet Kate has been diagnosed with small cell lymphoma in her lungs. She had congestion in her lungs and was taken to a specialist. She is on steroids and she is expected to have 1-2 years of a good life. Then she will probably require more medical care. Kate is such a nice, deserving girl and would love to have a loving family for the rest of her life. If you are looking for a kitty to provide a loving home to, please consider Kate.


Larger Photo(s) of Kelli

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Calico

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: January 2001

Rainbow Bridge :(

Kelli is a very sweet kitty that was adopted from Good Mews in 2001 and had a loving home for 12 years. Sadly, her guardian got sick and could no longer care for her. Shelter life is hard on cats that have been in a loving home for so many years, and to all of a sudden lose it.

Kelli is a bit sad at the shelter so she tends to keep to herself. But she is a great girl that loves attention and pets.  At the shelter, she is not one to show herself and demand to be adopted, but once in a home, her real loving personality will emerge. She just needs someone willing to give her a chance.

Kelli is in the early stages of kidney disease, which is common for a cat her age, but it can be easily managed. She can live a long, healthy life, she just needs a loving home.

If you are looking for a laid-back older kitty to adopt, please consider beautiful Kelli.

Kelli’s adoption fee is just $50, made possible by a generous grant from The Humane Society of the United States to support senior adoptions

kitty lizard

Larger Photo(s) of kitty lizard

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Color: Siamese Mix

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 2004

Kitty Lizard is a gorgeous Siamese mix that is very scared and confused right now. She was living in a great home with her dad who loved and spoiled her, but sadly he got sick and could no longer care for her. Good Mews was contacted and we said we would be happy to find this sweet girl a new home.
Kitty Lizard is very confused as to why she is no longer living in her home and at the shelter with 80-something cats. It is hard for a kitty to live in a loving home for many years to only end up at a shelter. We are doing all we can to help Kitty Lizard feel loved, but a quiet, new home would be best for her.
Because she is so nervous, she may hiss when first approached, but she will then let you pet her and she will rub her head against your hand, happy to get attention. Kitty Lizard is also OK with being held.
We hope Kitty Lizard will get a second chance at happiness and someone adopts her soon. Once she feels safe, she will be a wonderful companion.

Kitty Lizard’s adoption fee is just $50, made possible by a generous grant from The Humane Society of the United States to support senior adoptions.



Larger Photo(s) of Kiwi

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Color: Brown Torbie

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 2010

Kiwi is a beautiful, energetic torbie Maine Coon mix. She loves to run and play, especially with string or wand toys, but is shy around people. She needs time to adjust to new situations, but it’s certainly worth the effort to get to know her. She loves other cats, but does not enjoy being picked up or held by people she doesn’t know. She needs a bit of time and patience to adjust to new situations. She isn’t a cuddly lap cat yet, but will bring a lot of joy to the right home. Kiwi cannot be the only cat in the household, and would love to be adopted with her brother, Iggy or her mother, Michelle.

A generous donor has paid Kiwi’s adoption fee!

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My name is Kiwi

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