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Larger Photo(s) of ella

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Color: Black and White

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 2014

Ella is a beautiful girl with such a sweet face. She has a mellow personality and is quiet and laid-back. She loves attention but will not actively seek it out. But when you do sit with her and pet her, she loves it.  But don’t let her fool you. She may act like a little wallflower, but this girl also has a lot of spunk! Sometimes her frisky side will come out and you will see her running down the hall at full speed, ready for some action. And watching her furry self waddle down the hall has got to be one of the cutest things ever! Ella will make a wonderful companion for someone. She does well with other cats and she would also do great as a single cat.

We are not sure why such a sweet girl was living outside, all alone and fending for herself. And to make it worse, she is declawed, making it all the more dangerous for her.  But thankfully a nice lady started caring for her until space was available at Good Mews. We are so happy to have Ella with us, where she is safe. But we really hope her forever family will come along soon and she will have all the love and affection she so desires!

Ella is front declawed.

Ella is FIV+, but don’t let that scare you!  FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives.  They can also live safely with FIV negative cats.  FIV is spread through severe bite wounds, so it is important that your kitties get along.  To learn more about FIV, please read the articles under the Advice tab on the website. 

Declawed: Yes


Larger Photo(s) of emma

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Tortie

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 2011

Emma is a very sweet girl that was living in a bad situation. She was one of twenty cats living in a home. The people started off with good intentions but it quickly out of hand. When Good Mews was contacted we said we would be happy to help Emma.

Emma is a little shy right now because she is confused as to what is going on. Right now her safe place is deep inside a cat bed. She does love attention and pets but she is too shy to ask for it. But once you initiate the attention, she really enjoys it.  She loves to be petted and will look at you with those beautiful eyes of hers, thanking you for being nice to her.  She will even softly purr; she has a quiet purr, but if you listen closely, you can hear it.

Emma would probably do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter willing to give her time to adjust. Once she does, she will surely blossom into a loving girl.


Larger Photo(s) of fletcher

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Orange Tabby

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 2015

Fletcher was living in a bad situation with 14 other cats. Good Mews was contacted and we were able to take him and some of his friends. Because of where Fletcher was living and everything he had to go through, he is on the shy side. He will need a quiet home with someone willing to let him adjust as his own pace.

When Fletcher first arrived at Good Mews, he was very sick. He had a bad upper respiratory infection and would not eat. It took a lot of time and care to get Fletcher on the road to recovery. During this process, he learned that people were good and wanted to love him. And making sure he had plenty of his favorite soft food certainly helped! Now that he is better, he is enjoying all of the attention he is getting. He is super sweet and loving, purrs loudly and will get excited when you pet him.

Hopefully Fletcher will find the loving home he has never had.


Larger Photo(s) of francois

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Black and White

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 2001

Francois and his brother were abandoned one chilly night, left to sit in their carriers, hoping someone would find them. Luckily someone did, and they were brought to safety at Good Mews. Francois is a senior and to be abandoned like that is just heartbreaking. They were obviously in a home most, if not all, of their lives and they are a little terrified of their new surroundings.

For the first few months at the shelter, they were having a very hard time adjusting. They lived in an office, where it was quiet and away from all of the activity of the shelter. They stayed huddled under the desk most of the time. The volunteers spent a lot of time with them, helping them feel safe. Eventually they overcame their fear and were moved to the main shelter.

Francois took awhile to gain his confidence, but now he is out and about and is OK with people petting him. He loves other cats and is often snuggling with someone.
Sadly, his brother passed away and he misses him very much. But Francois has made other friends at the shelter and enjoys hanging out with them.
He is a very sweet boy that deserves a loving home. So if you are looking for a quiet, gentle cat, please come by and meet Francois!

A generous donor has paid his adoption fee!!

Francois is in our Kitty Keeper program and sends out quarterly updates on how things are going at the shelter.  To read more about our Kitty Keeper program, click the Giving to GM tab.

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